Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC from Printstudio offers a broad spectrum of services to ensure that systems are in excellent condition and in an exceptional routine throughout the year. Because we understand that these systems are the critical part of the organizations business, so AMC is most important to them.

Printstudio has a skilled team for:-

  • Computer Service
  • Printers
  • UPS

We service Desktops (branded & assembled), laptops and accessories at low cost using genuine quality components and spares at low costs. Being dealers for HP, samsung, epson, zenith, asus, acer, lenovo, APC, Numeric, TVSE etc, helps us to give you components at cheap rates and without delay.

Printstudio have best AMC choices:-

  • OEM ( HP, DELL, CISCO, etc ) & Multi brand AMC’s
  • PAN India presence & Support
  • Complete / Industry AMC’s
  • Labour only Annual Service Contracts ( ASC )
  • Labour + Spare Parts to a fixed amount / ON CALL Service.

Advantages offered by us:-

  • Organized precautionary Preservation
  • Cutting-edge branded outfits and technologies in order to avoid unexpected and accidental maintenances of the systems
  • Retaining spare parts stock as per industry norms.
  • Supply of spare parts as per requirements.
  • Service on call 24/7 from qualified technicians / engineers.
  • Planned protective maintenance for ensuring maximum network-up time.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Print studio’s managed IT services supports the complete area of non-core business which comprise of services like AMC, FMS, Technology staffing solutions, Network operation center and Project management services.

Printstudio enables you to get the most out of the consumer efficiency through a cloud of extremely refined end user services like AMC, FMS, Technology staffing solutions, Network operation center and Project management services. We stream the best-fit amenities to meet your precise essentials and please the diverse roles and necessities of your users. Moreover our amenities are centrally accomplished and strongly distributed to cover every aspect of your business.

Facility Management Services from Printstudio guarantees constant admission and enactment of your IT frame as per the agreed Service Level Agreements which is offered through numerous support windows. Printstudio FMS team ensures the vital manpower with remote management support to keep your facilities up round the clock without any hindrance.

We manage your resources across IT vendors and encode all service requests listed via mail, telephone or through the web.

Services available under Printstudio FMS

  • Service desk management
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Vendor management
  • End User services for software services, mail management, OS, Network, laptops, Desktops, etc

Benefits of Printstudio FMS

  • Cost effective operations
  • Vindication of staffing cost
  • Service delivery aid
  • Increase uptime and service accessibility
  • Ensure core business optimization for the client.

Services under Project management

  • Large Projects roll out Pan‐India
  • Site Surveys&IT Audits
  • Process Documentation& IT Consulting
  • Infra Support Solutions
  • Asset Deployment
  • Tools and Services Automation
  • Operation and Management
Toner Cartridges

Toner Cartridges

Printer Cartridge Refilling and Re-Manufacturing

Printstudio is one of the trustable supplier for printer cartridge and refiles, we have all brands of equipment parts which is required for a printer. Cartridge refilling means inserting new ink, laser powder or new ribbon (depending on the printer make) of the cartridge by keeping outer body as same.

Printstudio is an expert in remanufacturing of toner cartridges for helping to improve the quality and yield of a cartridge from the remanufactured cartridge to the fresh OEM cartridge. We also do the partial refurbishing of toner cartridges in the time of replacing only the defective toner parts for cost effective printing and offering more value of money to the customers. Any components changed so will be provided a warranty for next two cycles of the same or 90 days whichever is earlier.

Printstudio recommends recycling of your printer cartridge for the following reasons:

  1. Cost cutting without compromising on quality:-
  2. Refill & Re-Use your printer cartridges - at Printstudio stores our technician refills your printer cartridges and offers you up to 75% savings as compared to buying a new one.Printstudio guarantees the quality and quantity of the refilled cartridge with respect to the ink/toner refilled.

  3. Saving cost and the Environmental Values:-
    1. The size of one Inkjet Cartridge is 21 sq cm & Laser TonerCartridge is 480.sq cm.

    2. If you place all the cartridges, side by side, collected for 10 years they will spread across 2,17,676 sq km.

    3. Approx. 3/4 gallon of fossil fuel is burnt by manufacturing 1 Laser cartridge.

    4. In 10 years we shall be burning about 97 million gallons of precious non-renewable fossil fuels.

    5. 1 cartridge takes about 450 to 1000 years to decompose.

Compatible Toner Cartridges

Business environments are becoming more complex day by day, in this condition successful project management at a nearer pace constantly shows a major part.Printstudio’s SME’s with thorough knowledge across various domains and heterogeneous environment are bringing it in to a higher competent level in the market.